Virginia Tech has launched the Virginia Tech News weekly student e-mail, a comprehensive source of campus news and information of interest to students.

Starting today, all Virginia Tech undergraduate and graduate students will receive the weekly e-mail during the fall and spring semester and every other week during summer sessions. Once the fall semester begins, the e-mail will be distributed each Wednesday morning.

“This will help define for all students a single, coordinated, and consistent process of how the university shares university news with students.” said Edward Spencer, vice president for student affairs.

University faculty and staff may subscribe to the student weekly version by signing up online. Parents and others who have in interest in news directed to students may also subscribe.

 “For years now, Virginia Tech, has turned to e-mail and the Web as their primary tools for internal communications,” said Larry Hincker, associate vice president for university relations. “This new service for students will more effectively organize information the university needs and wants to provide to students into a single, weekly document, supported by the Virginia Tech News website.”

In addition to weekly e-mail, all information submitted to Virginia Tech News for students will be posted to its website.

To submit a notice, visit the Virginia Tech News website and fill out the notice submission form. Or, for event submissions, submit an event to the University Calendar.

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