Virginia Tech's post-graduation report for the 2008-09 academic year is currently available online for review. The report, which is published annually by Career Services, offers answers to questions such as how many graduates are employed, is employment related to the graduate's career goals, how do graduates from Virginia Tech find their jobs, and how many graduates pursue additional education.

This year’s report, which includes numerous facts and figures related to employment, shows a 7 percent increase in the number of graduates who found their current job as a result of having worked for their employer prior to graduation, bringing the total to 29 percent over last year’s 23 percent.

The report also shows a 28 percent increase in the number of graduates who responded that they wished they had done something differently prior to graduation, a total of 58 percent, with 32 percent of those respondents indicating that they wished they had gained more experience related to their major or career goals.

The full report, which is available online at the Career Services website, can be broken down by college and/or major, and includes additional highlights and summaries, such as top-reported graduate and professional institutions and top-reported employers.

Virginia Tech students interested in learning more about available job opportunities and internships are encouraged to log in to the Hokies4Hire website using their PID and the last four digits of their student ID, or contact Career Services at (540) 231-6241. Prospective employers interested in posting through Hokies4Hire may do so by registering their organization via the employer login page.

Career Services, a department within the Division of Student Affairs, provides career advice and guidance for students and alumni at Virginia Tech, helping to connect prospective employees with the right job or internship.

Written by Chris Gustin.

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