Virginia Tech Police are investigating multiple cases involving a subject hacking into Facebook accounts in order steal money from unsuspecting Facebook friends.

The case involves a subject who has sent e-mails that appears to be coming from Facebook. When a recipient responds to the e-mail, this subject is able to gain access to their account information, including one’s Facebook friends list. Having accessed a friends list, the subject then sends an e-mail to the list of friends requesting money by acting as the account owner.

There has been one report in which a person did send money, believing their Facebook friend was in need.

Virginia Tech Police reminds Facebook users to protect their Facebook accounts and be aware of fraudulent e-mails that appear to be coming from Facebook. Facebook users should log directly into their Facebook accounts to receive a message. Learn more tips to ensure your Facebook privacy.

If you have information, please contact the Virginia Tech Police Department at (540) 231-6411 or Officer Daniel Hardy at (540) 231-9686.

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