Virginia Tech's College of Engineering has published "In the Land Grant Tradition: Reaching the Pinnacles," a book profiling the lives of the inductees of the first ten years to its Academy of Engineering Excellence.

The book is available for sale at the Volume Two Bookstore or online for $13.95 plus shipping and handling.

The academy was started in 1999 by F. Willliam Stephenson, who was then serving as dean of the college.

“During my years as dean, I had the distinct privilege of meeting numerous talented engineering graduates whose successes enhanced the reputation of the college and Virginia Tech. Many had emerged from humble beginnings and represented the first generation in their families to secure a college degree,” Stephenson said as the author of the introduction to the book.

“Through sheer talent, determination, and their land-grant education, many became leaders of some of the largest corporations in the country, and even the world. Others became successful entrepreneurs. Some rose to prominent positions within academia as well as the federal and state governments,” he added.

Stephenson says he decided the academy was the way in which the college could give “something tangible” back to these loyal ambassadors of the college. The academy would “recognize the truly exceptional” among the elite group of engineering alumni.

Since 1999, the academy has continued to add, on average, 10 new members each year.

Richard C. Benson, current dean of the college, decided the 10th anniversary of the creation of the academy, which is in 2009, should be marked by the publishing of the book.

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