Virginia Tech's Office of Judicial Affairs, a department within the Division of Student Affairs, has been renamed the Office of Student Conduct.

The change came after the Association of Student Judicial Affairs, with which the university office aligns, became the Association for Student Conduct Administration in February 2008.

“The term ‘conduct’ refers to behavior management and decision-making: two key areas for the office's learning outcomes,” said Byron Hughes, assistant director for the Office of Student Conduct. “This new name will allow us to be clear and concise about the purpose of our adjudication process while aligning ourselves with the developmental and empowering nature of student affairs.”

The university judicial system affects and applies to all currently enrolled students and student organizations officially listed with the Office of Leadership and Student Organizations. Its major purpose is to help create a fair, just, and disciplined university community. The university judicial system supports the educational mission of the university by educating students about appropriate behavior and by fostering a community where academic success can occur.

“We believe that the office name should clearly reflect our campus function and show the educational nature of our role,” said Hughes. “Renaming the office to the Office of Student Conduct will distinguish it from legal affairs and reflect its student-focused mission.“

In addition to the adjudication process, the Office of Student Conduct also provides opportunities for students to take on leadership roles. Opportunities for student involvement within the Office of Student Conduct include serving as a Peer Advisor, and the Student Conduct Committee.

The Office of Student Conduct is also responsible for enforcing the University Policies for Student Life the regulations that apply to every student at Virginia Tech.

For more information on the judicial system at Virginia Tech, visit the Office of Student Conduct website.

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