K. Ramesh Reddy, of the University of Florida, will be speaking Monday, April 27, to students and faculty during the final presentation of this spring's water seminar series.

Reddy, chair and graduate research professor, Soil and Water Science Department, University of Florida, will discuss the topic “Coupled Biogeochemical Cycles in Wetlands: The Everglades as a Case Example”.

Wetlands play a critical role for control of flooding and maintenance of water quality in many landscapes. Wetlands are essential for maintaining an ecological balance through elemental cycling and are sensitive to anthropogenic impacts.

In this presentation Reddy will review relationships between and within carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus cycles as influenced by both external and internal forcing functions. Both biotic and abiotic processes regulating these cycles will be presented. The review will identify critical research needs for better understanding of elemental cycles in wetlands as related to water quality, carbon sequestration, and global climate change.

Reddy has conducted research for 30 years on biogeochemical cycling of nutrients in natural and managed ecosystems as related to water quality. His areas of expertise and research include, biogeochemistry, wetlands and aquatic systems, soil and water quality, and ecosystem restoration. This seminar will take place at the Smithfield Room, The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center, between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m. A flyer including a full abstract and bio has been made available.

The Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science and the Virginia Water Resources Research Center are co-sponsors of this ongoing water seminar series. This series exploring sustainable water solutions, among other topics, will conclude with this special presentation April 27.

“The Virginia Water Resources Research Center and The Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science are both committed to promoting the importance of water resources for a sustainable future,” stated Stephen Schoenholtz, director of the Virginia Water Resources Research Center at Virginia Tech.

Schoenholtz explained the opportunity that this series offers to the many faculty and graduate students conducting cutting-edge water-related research here at Virginia Tech, “We are pleased to co-sponsor with [The Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science] this water resources seminar series which is bringing a variety of leading water experts to the [Virginia Tech] campus.”

Additional information for this special water seminar series is available at the seminar website.

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