The Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI) at Virginia Tech has established a new partnership with the Mathematical Biosciences Institute (MBI).

The partnership will provide VBI researchers with further educational and research opportunities. The new initiative supports the development and application of mathematical, statistical, and computational methods for solutions to problems in the biosciences.

VBI’s participation in the MBI Institute Partner Program will provide several benefits for researchers. Working within a theme selected each year, MBI hosts several seminars, tutorials, and workshops. The partner program will subsidize travel expenses for VBI faculty and students to participate in research and education programs at MBI, as well as provide support for workshops and conferences to be held in Blacksburg.

In addition, both VBI scientific staff and students will have the opportunity to participate in MBI’s postdoctoral program. Postdoctoral fellows participate in all aspects of the MBI's scientific programs and have two mentors – one in the biological sciences and another in the mathematical sciences. Activities for postdoctoral fellows are geared toward providing the tools to pursue an independent research program with an emphasis on collaborative research in the mathematical biosciences. VBI faculty and other senior scientific staff members can serve as mentors for postdoctoral fellows in the MBI program, allowing them to incorporate the work of the postdoctoral fellows into VBI research programs.

“We are very excited about the opportunities available to us through the MBI Institute Partner Program,” explains VBI Professor and Deputy Director of Education and Outreach Reinhard Laubenbacher. “This partnership will provide a wide range of educational opportunities for both our faculty and students in the field of mathematical biosciences, which will help VBI continue to build a strong community of researchers in this very important field.”

MBI, which is located on campus at the Ohio State University, is an interdisciplinary research and training institute designed to foster interaction between the mathematical and biological sciences and to nurture an international community of researchers in the mathematical biosciences. Find more information about MBI and its programs.

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