Mitzi Vernon, associate professor of industrial design in Virginia Tech’s College of Architecture and Urban Studies, has received a Design Educator Award and a $2,000 prize from a competition sponsored by Dell Inc.: ReGeneration: International Green Computing Technology Design.

ReGeneration is endorsed by the Industrial Designers Society of America and is primarily a competition of student sustainability work. The Design Educator Awards are also given through this competition to honor the work that an educator has done in mentoring the research, exploration and execution for a student.

The College of Architecture and Urban Studies is composed of four schools: the School of Architecture + Design, including architecture, industrial design, interior design and landscape architecture; the School of Public and International Affairs, including urban affairs and planning, public administration and policy and government and international affairs; the Myers-Lawson School of Construction, which includes building construction in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies and construction engineering management in the College of Engineering; and the School of the Visual Arts, including programs in studio art, visual communication and art history.

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