The faculty of the College of Architecture and Urban Studies who teach doctoral level classes have been ranked the fifth most productive faculty of architecture, design, and planning in the nation by Academic Analytics and the most productive program at Virginia Tech.

The national survey of faculty included the most prestigious schools in the nation. The rankings have been published in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Books, journal articles and citations in other articles were among the factors considered in evaluating productivity.

The College of Architecture and Urban Studies is composed of three schools and the Department of Art and Art History, part of the multi-college School of the Arts. The School of Architecture + Design includes programs in architecture, industrial design, interior design, and landscape architecture. The School of Public and International Affairs includes programs in urban affairs and planning, public administration and policy, and government and international affairs. The Myers-Lawson School of Construction, a joint school of the College of Architecture and Urban Studies and the College of Engineering, includes programs in building construction and construction management. The college enrolls nearly 2,000 students offering 24 degrees taught by 153 faculty members.

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