The Virginia Tech Ice Hockey Club team will host the Atlantic Coast Collegiate Hockey League (ACCHL) Division II Tournament at the Roanoke Civic Center.

The tournament will be held on Friday, Feb. 22 through Sunday, Feb. 24. The Virginia Tech Hokies are currently ranked No. 5 in the ACCHL standings.

The face-off puck will be dropped by the City of Roanoke’s Mayor Nelson Harris on the championship game on Sunday.

This year’s tournament will host seven teams competing in the ACCHL Division II tournament, which includes Virginia Tech, University of Virginia, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University, North Carolina State University, Georgetown University, and George Mason University.

The ACCHL is a Division II member within the American Collegiate Hockey Association. Virginia Tech started its ice hockey league in 1984 out of Roanoke as an adult league. The team is now comprised of 24 students who all say they have one goal on their mind; to bring home a championship title.

“The ice hockey team has continued to grow over the years, and that is what we encourage our sport clubs to do,” said Alan Glick, assistant director of sports clubs and marketing. “I’m very proud to see them succeed, and I know they will make their mark in the upcoming tournament.”

It is especially an honor for the Hokies to host the tournament this year, and it gives the community a chance to experience another sport outside of football, he added.

“We are all excited to play at home,” said John Fratello, club president, “It is so much easier, and we have paying fans like our family and friends that want to come and see us play, and it is nice to be able to have them there.”

Hawthorn Suites and Coca-Cola are sponsors for all 29 Virginia Tech Sport Clubs.

Read more information about the ice hockey team and the tournament online. Visit the Roanoke Civic Center website at for ticket information.

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